Governance Strategies Board Development Services

Governance Strategies Board Development Services

We can work with your board to:

  • Develop and deliver customised governance professional development or training.
  • Review and develop your board policies or board charter.
  • Review board structure, practices and membership.
  • Evaluate your board and its performance

Governance Strategies takes a broad approach to Board Development Services reflecting the value we attach to assisting boards to organise effectively and improve performance in the context of increased calls for transparency and stakeholder accountability, significant use of digital strategies and ICT, board requirements for outcome and performance reporting, and expanded oversight and compliance governance functions.


Governance Training and Professional Development

Governance training and professional development can be tailored for new and inexperienced boards, or developed in consultation with experienced boards wanting to ensure board practices, behaviours and foci add value to the organisation by increasing board and board member capability.

We can customise content to meet specific board needs and themes include board and board member evaluation, networked governance, governance mergers, strategy development and planning, risk management, health and safety, stakeholders, performance and outcome reporting, board and management dynamics, and succession planning and the induction of new members.


Governance Charter or Board Policies

We will work with your board to develop a tailored Board Charter or a unique set of Governance Policies to clarify, strengthen, or refocus the model of governance in your organisation. These help to ensure all fiduciary responsibilities and accountabilities are met, and they present clear pathways between planning, organisational strategy, and board work. 

Robust governance documents include Conflicts of Interest, Code of Conduct, and Ethical Policies, which underpin the ethical leadership of the Board and its operations.

A Board Charter or set of Board Policies is an effective tool used by boards to: 

  • Highlight the purpose of an organisation and the values that underpin it.
  • Present a board’s priorities, relationships, planning responsibilities, and the processes to oversee them.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of the board, it’s committees and individual board members.
  • Manage the board employer role, and identify the respective responsibilities of both the board and those delegated to the Chief Executive.


Board Development


We will work with you to address any challenging governance issues facing your board. 
Governance Strategies will assist your board to determine the core strategic issues facing your organisation, and then work with you to align your governance structure, membership and processes.


Board and Management Relationships

The relationship between the board and the chief executive is critical for organisational performance.

Board development can include a focus on the relationship by reviewing your board processes and expectations, and the management of the separation of responsibilities between the board and the chief executive.



On-line Governance Training: Governance Essentials

Governance Essentials is an On-line Governance Training course designed for people who are new to, or inexperienced, in governance.

Participants can gather key governance knowledge in an interesting and convenient way with online training accessible to participants 24 / 7.

Written and personally tutored by Gail Munro, the Director of Governance Strategies, this flexible training uses interesting tasks, especially written magazines and on-line forums to present governance best practice in a way that is relevant, memorable, and easily applicable.

It’s perfect for busy people, geographically spread out boards, and provincial members of national organisations.

Alternatively, do you want training that is tailored for your board and is always available?

Gail Munro can tailor the on-line training to suit the specific requirements of your organisation and provide a combination of face-to-face and one to one training if that is preferable.

Look at the course website: . Discount is available for repeat enrolments and groups of two or more. Email Gail Munro to enquire:



Incorporated Societies, Charitable Trusts, Charitable Companies and Companies.

All registered organisations will be incorporated as a legal entity.  The legal form may be as an incorporated society, charitable trust, charitable company or a company.

Governance Strategies has experience working with the boards of all the stated legal entities.

The Incorporated Societies Act (1908) is under review and it is likely the recommended changes will be enacted with a four-year transition period.  If your board is contemplating making constitutional changes Governance Strategies can assist.